About Me

I'm a Software developer-turned-data-Scientist. Even before graduating with an Honors in Business Studies & Computing Science, I had already been part of several projects spanning from Web & Mobile Software development, Networking, Data Collection & Analysis and Computer Vision for more than four years.

The Nature & scope of the projects I have worked on(Commercial & Academic), cuts across the divide ranging from humanitarian & philanthropy, Health, Government Institutions, Transport & Logistics with the biggest proportion being projects that have to do with informality & informal sector in Zimbabwe for example, spatiality & agglomeration economies of scale in Zimbabwe's informal manufacturing sector.

R e s u m e

Job History

Apart from consulting in Web & Software Development, Data Analytics and Computer vision projects. Below I have listed the "formal" job positions I've held so far

Freelance Software Developer

Databank Africa

As a sub-contractor and consultant, I have been involved in projects ranging from Web & Mobile Application development, Data Collection, Data Analytics and Visualisation. I have been using the following tools and libraries :
  • - Web development using Python (Django & Flask), Vue JS and React
  • - Development of spatial data(GIS) data collection tools in Geo Django, Django Rest Framework, QGIS and Openstreetmap libraries
  • - Mobile Application development using Ionic Framework & Cordova
  • - Web scrapping using scrappy framework for custom web spiders
  • - Postgres SQL Database setup and management
  • - Google cloud suite using Google App engine, Google compute and Big Query

Research Assistant

Global Institute of Business, Harare, ZW

At this job, with the organisation being a growing publisher in Zimbabwe, I was responsible for wearing multiple hats than I had initially expected and learned a lot along the way. My main responsibilities were:
  • - Database setup and management
  • - Development of spatial data(GIS) and computer vision data collection tools during surveys
  • - Supervising and providing technical support to enumerators during surveys
  • - Data exploration and analysis
  • - Digital filing of company documents

Information Systems - Intern

Chitungwiza Central Hospital, Harare, ZW

This internship introduced me to IT management & technical support in a health institution. The experience gained helped me gain an insight with working within inter-disciplinary teams of medical practitioners, accountants and other professions not directly related to IT. These roles included but were not limited to:
  • - Web Development & maintanance
  • - Network configuration, maintenance and extensions
  • - Configuration and technical support for the SAP hospital management system
  • - Technical support during public events and board meetings
  • - Cat 6 and optic fiber network installations and upgrades
  • - Installation of VOIP landline phones

Contact Me

Do you have an exciting project that requires assistance for it to come to life ?
I'm available to work on projects ranging from Websites, Data Collection, Web Scrapping & Analytics to Mobile Software development on remote or freelance basis.

+27 738 692 207