The Traffolytix software uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to count and classify vehicles at a particular intersection basing on traffic camera video feeds.

The main idea on which Traffoltix was created upon won a Best Innovation Award at the University of Zimbabwe Research and innovation symposium. Watch the award announcement video here :

The software has been used on a number of instances in Zimbabwe;

  • PhD thesis on Modelling Signalized Intersections’ Capacity under the Impact of Minibus Public Transport in Harare, Zimbabwe
  • In conducting a Traffic Impact Assessment on the proposed construction of a shopping mall in Harare
  • Traffic Impact Assessment at the Harare Agricultural Show and surrounding intersections

and many other private installations when it was used to count the number of vehicles that have entered or left an establishment.


To understand more about the software or its applications, please download the files below:

dumba seminar presentation

traffolytix presentation UZ research week