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What is Chatbot and what is it for?

According to Oxford Dictionary, a chatbot is:

“A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”

It is an assistant that communicates with us through text messages, a virtual companion that integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers and helps businessed to get closer to customers. Such a bot is an automated system of communication with users/customers.

Why do a businesses need chatbots?

There are reasons for that like getting rid of routine tasks and simultaneous processing of multiple requests from users. Besides, a tremendous speed of processing users’ requests with chatbots helps gaining customers’ loyalty.

Consumers also benefit from chatbots and they are getting increasingly interested in this technology. A study presented at the 4th International Conference on Internet Science in November, 2017 identified reasons why people choose to interact with chatbots. According to this research, the main factors that motivate people to use chatbots are:

  • Productivity. Chatbots provide the assistance or access to information quickly and efficiently.
  • Entertainment. Chatbots amuse people by giving them funny tips, they also help killing time when users have nothing to do.
  • Social and relational factors. Chatbots fuel conversions and enhance social experiences. Chatting with bots also helps to avoid lonliness, gives a chance to talk without being judged and improves conversational skills.
  • Curiosity. The novelty of chatbots sparks curiosity. People want to explore their abilities and to try something new.

Toillustrate the above, I have built a simple Python/Django conversational Chatbot with which you can have a decent English conversation about any general topic from health, food, sports and more.

The next version of this Bot will be able to answer some personal questions about myself and to lookup information from Google and Wikipedia to enrich its answers.

In the meantime, say hie & have a chat with my bot...It won't bite :)

Isaac Chikutukutu My ChatBot.png